Reshaping The Way The World Sees

GP Specialists, an industry leader in orthokeratology, has developed an advanced ortho-k lens design that has been shown to correct patients with high myopic powers.  The new iSee™ Ortho-k lens is based on its FDA approved FARGO™ ortho-k contact lens. The iSee™ corneal reshaping design incorporates a more aggressive treatment zone that allows practitioners to treat patients with higher degrees of myopia, thus increasing the number of likely candidates for ortho-k treatment.iSee Ortho-k Corneal Reshaping Lens

Mark Cosgrove, director of operations at GP Specialists states, “I’m very excited to take what I have learned over the years and incorporate it into an advanced ortho-k lens design.  We are seeing some amazing results.  I believe this design is unique in the industry, can provide faster results and also promote healthy long term wear for the patient.”

Dr. Alice Cusner, from Village Vision Care in Cranton, Massachusetts, agrees with the amazing results and had this to say about her experience with iSee ortho-k lenses. “In only two weeks, I was able to correct a high myopic 9-year-old girl’s vision using iSee lenses. My patient and her parents are ecstatic!”

Mark stated, “We rebranded the FARGO™ ortho-k lens to the iSee™ ortho-k brand in an effort to make orthokeratology a more consumer friendly eye treatment solution.  Hopefully the entire ortho-k industry will benefit from our marking efforts.”

The FARGO™ and now iSee™ brand ortho-k lenses are FDA approved up to -3.00, while extended powers are manufactured as doctor customized designs.  More information is available at or by calling 800.889.0379.

Background: GP Specialists has been manufacturing gas permeable lenses for more than 35 years.  Originally based in Phoenix, Arizona, the lab was relocated to San Clemente, California in 2003 where it began to increase its ortho-k business.  Then in 2011 GP Specialists purchased American BioCurve and moved the lab into their larger facility in San Diego to allow for our increased capacity.  Today GP Specialists is one of the world leaders in the field of orthokeratology offering its FDA approved iSee™/Fargo™ series, Gobal-OK Vision’s GOV series, Paragon’s CRT lenses.  Additionally, with the purchase of American BioCurve, GP Specialists now also offers custom soft contact lenses.

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