Villa Eyewear Joins C&E Vision!

C&E Vision Service, a leading national optical buying group, has partnered with Villa Veneta Eyewear (DBA Villa Villa Eyewear: X-iDEEyewear). Under this agreement, C&E members will receive an exclusive discount from published Villa Eyewear price lists.  “Villa Eyewear is very excited to offer C&E members our Italian made collections.” Says Ilario Sfoggia, CEO of Villa Eyewear. “With Villa Eyewear,  C&E members can choose from conservative styles to more fashion forward, colorful pieces of art. When introducing a new product, Villa Eyewear focus on quality, innovation, and the ‘Distinctive look’ of the final product. ”

About Villa Eyewear

Villa Eyewear is inspired by the Venetian Villas and the splendor of the 16th and 18th centuries. Villa Eyewear is bringing back the fascination and splendor of those beautiful and romantic eras.  Our mission is to reflect the unique and astonishing styles found in these Villas to provide our clients with the satisfaction and beauty of the eyewear from the Veneto Region of Italy. Villa Veneta Eyewear‘s customers are delighted and fascinated as well as privileged by the possibility to live as a Venetian noble and to feel the refined atmosphere the ancient Venetian Patricians had created with their unique taste. Villa Eyewear offers five different collections with high quality material, including titanium, stainless steel and zyl. All collections are designed, developed and made in Italy.  Please visit or email for more information. Check out and ‘Like’ our Facebook page at to see all of our current products.

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