WX Echo, Protection For All Work Environments

Wiley X,® Inc. knows that for safety glasses to truly protect the vision of workers, they must be stylish and comfortable enough that workers will actually want to wear them. The company’s new Rx-ready WX Echo is the ideal answer.
A new member of the company’s Climate Control™ Series, the WX Echo is both stylish and comfortable enough for all-day wear in any environment, yet it provides the highest level of eye protection available for dangerous jobs both indoors and out.
Like all Wiley X Climate Control Series models, the new WX Echo features a patented, removable soft foam Facial Cavity™ seal developed to block out wind, dust and debris providing protection unmatched by other eyewear.  This exclusive feature creates a comfortable, climate controlled “protection zone” for the wearer’s eyes.  And because it’s removable, it’s like getting two pairs of glasses in one.  With Wiley X’s virtually shatterproof lenses and frames, the WX Echo protects the wearer’s eyes against a wide range of occupational dangers.Wiley X Style: WX Echo with strap
To help the WX Echo remain comfortable and stable on the face, it is equipped with rubberized temple mits and a removable T-peg elastic strap that plugs into each temple to hold the glasses snug to the head during strenuous activity.
Wiley X is the only premium performance sunglasses brand whose entire line meets the stringent ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards.  The new WX Echo’s protection goes even deeper, meeting the updated GL-PD 10-12 MCEP Standard (superseding the MIL-PRF-31013 Ballistic Standard) for state-of-the-art eye protection in the most challenging environments.  This level of protection and performance under fire is a key reason why Wiley X has been a leading provider of premium vision protection to law enforcement and U.S. military units in action around the world.
The new WX Echo is ideal for Medium to Large head sizes and comes in four stylish and functional frame/lens combinations:  Smoke Steel Blue frame with Silver Flash (Smoke Grey) lenses; Gloss Black frame with Polarized Emerald Mirror (Amber) lenses; Gloss Black frame with LA™ Light Adjusting lenses that automatically darken from virtually clear to Smoke Grey based on UV light conditions; and Gloss Black frame with Clear lenses.  The LA™ Light Adjusting lenses are ideal for jobs requiring indoor and outdoor work.  All of these WX Echo models provide wraparound coverage for maximum eye protection and superior
peripheral vision.
The new WX Echo is also prescription ready, eliminating the need for wearing cumbersome safety glasses over prescription eyewear.  This makes the WX Echo comfortable, no-compromise safety gear for men and women who require corrective lenses on the job.

To learn more about the new Climate Control WX Echo — or the company’s complete line of premium performance eyewear for work and play — visit Wiley X, Inc. at 7800 Patterson Pass Road, Livermore, CA 94550 • Telephone: (800) 776-7842 • Or visit online at www.wileyx.com.

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