ProDesign’s Axiom 6133-35

A swiveling hinge!

This slim Axiom collection is inspired by the award winning hinge functionality of the Zense collection 7342-45.

But this time we’ve turned the hinge inside out! The Axiom frames are all about no-nonsense simplified funtionality, so whereas in the Zense collection, the hinge was cleverly hidden, it’s now here fort he world to see! The little screw that makes up the hinge, is actually a combined hinge and rim lock functionality!ProDesign Style: Axiom 6133-35

To avoid any breakage due to the swivel mechanism, the hinge has a click-function that indicates, when you can’t swivel the hinge any further. Once you’ve swiveled the hinge into place, it takes up no space at all.

Three shapes, four to six colors each.

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