Villa Eyewear Launches BioEyes

Titanium is the heart around which we build our products. It’s as resistant as steel, but 40% lighter. Titanium is a technological, resistant, biocompatible, non toxic and hypoallergenic material.

The field of application of Titanium: Aeronautic, Space Industry, Military sector, Medical sector, Sports.

NEOMADEINITALYVilla Eyewear launches BioEyes 2012

Each frame is completely manufactured in Italy that’s why “neomadeinItaly”: a new Italian model of doing that represents a tribute to Human resources and to the true “made In Italy”.

Pramaor has translated and codified its own model of business development for a constant comparison with other Italian entrepreneurial excellence. The constant inclination to research and to work lies in the DNA of companies which, like Pramaor, are contributing in other areas to the definition of a new Italian model of producing. This new model is being recognized with “neomadeinitaly” and result in great attention to context, services, people, employees, suppliers, the world and the environment, with the aim of creating products that arise from the pleasure to work, from seriousness, from research in the field of technology and of materials.


A new generation of ultralight frames in beta titanium created to exaggerate the characteristics of strength, reliability, lightness, comfort and style.

Lightweight, durable and essential:

The new UNIBLOCK solderless components, created by grinding a solid piece of beta titanium, define a new level of strength and lightness in the rimless category. The total absence of soldering ensures components with clear and essential lines and gives the frame an extraordinary aesthetic value. The fastening pins of the lenses, being integral with the other part of the frame, can withstand extraordinary stresses without showing signs of cracking. The temple is connected to the hinge by means of the ingenious IDCS joint, which eliminates critical points such as soldering.

The concept of maintenance no longer exists: The new patented ATOM III hinge has reached the record level of 50,000 open-close cycles without requiring any maintenance. Thanks to micrometer techniques used in the titanium processing we could patent a mechanism without screws, the critical point of all traditional frames. Guarantee of reliability and precision achieved by the use of high precision technologies and a new exclusive material inside the hinge, the MILATON, a result of the Bioeyes research.


Extremely light: The incredibly low weight of theses glasses improves the comfort and the quality of vision.

Bioeyes ATOM III hingeDesign: Pramaor transferred their forty years of experience as a manufacturer of quality frames and their expert knowledge of the materials into the design of this new lightweight frame.

Material, shapes and colour: New synergies between technology and style is search of elegant and original design solutions that combine multiple colours, shapes and materials.


G8 the best of Made In Italy: The G8 Summit at L’Aquila. The Italian Government has chosen Bioeyes as the symbol of excellence of “Made In Italy” products. On the occasion of the G8 Summit in L’Aquila, Prime Minister Berlusconi donated two pairs of our titanium sunglasses Blackfin and Bioeyes, which are produced in limited and numbered series, to all Heads of States present, as an example of the perfection and excellence of the Italian optical production.

Milan fashion Show: Milan international fashion show 2010: The capital of fashion wore excellence Pramaor debuted on June 22 2010 the enchanting backdrop of Piazza Della Scala, showing on the catwalk side-by-side with the dresses of the most important Italian fashion brands, including Armani, Ferre’ and Cavalli. The event was broadcasted on July 6 on Itali 1, Sky Tv Moda and on 50 international televisions.

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