Evolution, Not Adaptation

Did you know you can use digital processing equipment to edge a conventional lens design?

It is not the equipment used that makes a lens “digital” and it certainly doesn’t make the lens free-form. Most labs are using similar equipment to crank out all different types of lenses. What you may not know is that a truly free form lens is not just about the process, it is about he design – the math – and the software that tells the equipment how to edge the lens.

Square Pegs and Round Holes

With conventional progressive lens designs, there are only as many design variations as the number of individual bases and adds. That means most progressive lens wearers are being jammed into one of 144 variations

To make things even worse, we know the phoroptor helps determine the proper vision correction for patients under ideal conditions. We also know the frame will position the actual lenses differently which renders the Rx less than optimal.

These two factors alone add up to adaptation issues.HOYALUX iD MyStyle

Let’s Get Personal

By using HOYA’s MyStyle iDentifier to gather essential categories of data to precisely profile each individual wearer we can create a unique lens design specifically for them. Now you can add the personal fitting characteristics of tilt, vertex and face form – all easily uploaded from a variety of digital camera measuring systems, in addition to:

  • Frame fitting details
  • Previous eyewear preferences correlated against a database of all progressive lens designs
  • Patient input regarding participation in lifestyle activities
  • Your patient’s previous lens design –what they liked and more importantly what they didn’t like about their vision experience.

This data is used to make a specific lens design for your patient that is better suited for them than what they currently wear. Your patient’s personal impressions are combined with a comprehensive database of all progressive lens designs and an ever-increasing database of wearer preferences and assessments of lens designs. This data is factored into creating your patients completely personalized iD MyStyle lenses to guarantee vision that is better than they have with their current design.

Get Out Your Calculator

iD MyStyle lens designs are derived using a data driven calculation for the Hoya Free-Form patented Integrated Double Surface TechnologyTM. This technology optimizes the surface geometry and performance of progressive lenses by separating the design into two components –the vertical front surface controls vertical eye rotation requirements for reading ease and the horizontal back surface delivers added width where needed, as defined by the vision profile.

With HOYALUX iD MyStyle lenses, both surfaces are custom designed, analyzed and optimized for their individual contribution to the overall progressive performance. When the two sides are integrated in the final product, both components represent a fully customized design optimized for individual prescription and frame parameters. Your patient will have better vision correction because the lenses are formulated with a proprietary algorithmic calculation of data and patient input to develop a unique lens design specific for each patient.

We adapted the lenses to the patient – that IS free form.

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