Villa Eyewear To Distrbute Paramor

As of July 2012 Villa Eyewear entered in an agreement for the exclusive US distribution of Pramaor brands: Blackfin and Bioeyes.

PRAMAOR established in 1971 for the production of eyewear frames and sunglasses, immediately highlighting a constant technological innovation and a great commitment to quality, flexibility and reliability of the product.

With this strategies, in 1991 the company decided to take a new road, decidedly challenging but highly stimulating, towards a new frontier of quality and performance in the production of frames: TITANIUM

In fact, only PURE TITANIUM (characterized by the complete absence of nickel and therefore completely hypoallergenic) and BETA TITANIUM (a likewise biocompatible material, considerably more expensive, but more flexible and stronger than the first) are used for the construction of the frames.Parmaour, Blackfin: PURE TITANIUM

In its headquarter near Agordo, in the district of Belluno, PRAMAOR has set up a new model of development called neomadeinitaly™ that combines the traditional attention to the “Made in Italy” quality with a new creative and productive impulse. The neomadeinitaly™ is based on the concepts of design ‘par excellence’ and craftsmanship control. Neomadeinitaly™ defines a new product, sensitive to contaminations from art, culture, technique and technology, and promotes the search for innovative materials and eco-friendly elements, fully respecting the environment and the individual.

An innovative approach to the eyewear industry and the affirmation of the house brands Blackfin and Bioeyes were the key elements that have marked the success of PRAMAOR which in 2011 celebrated 40 years of activity.

To appreciate Pramaor obsession for quality, the consumer can review the “53 Steps to perfection” video (available at that depicts the steps required to make the Blackfin eyewear, stylistically and qualitatively perfect, simply starting from a sheet of pure titanium. The video does not aim at impressing the spectator, but seeks above all to create an empathic link right from the first frame. The environment is familiar, the set is Pramaor production factory and the testimonials are the workers themselves: the 53 steps lead through an efficient industrial processing technique, thus far away from the automation of large companies. An almost artisan production which is also a tribute to the human capital and the “made in Italy”.

“53 Steps to perfection” has been made up as a collage, a unique sequence of images that evoke the Blackfin style and design, and that further support the heritage of values related with the house brand, and, through the site, bring the end consumer closer to the Pramaor reality.

For further information please contact: Villa Eyewear 1-877-889-0399

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