Learn The “Selling The Kids Biz”

ClearVision announces Selling the Kids Biz, a comprehensive 3-part video series that serves as a training guide to selling kids frames in today’s marketplace. This powerful video series delivers on strategies, stats and unique insights into how to succeed in the kids business.

Presented as three separate videos that build on each other, the series provides an educational opportunity in an easy to use format. Available to you through Cvoptical.com, the series can be viewed repeatedly or even used as a lunch and learn for your staff.  Each video comes with a supporting white paper to reinforce the knowledge outlined in the video.

Video One explains how to create a kids specific frame board that appeals to today’s young consumer. Details on what shapes sell best, how many metals and acetates you need to maintain a healthy business and current frame board management trends are included.

The second in the series focuses on business strategies, providing tools for retail success. With expert tips and stats on consumer buying habits, this video is geared towards gaining a strategic advantage.

The third video puts it all together with merchandising strategies. See first hand examples of what works and learn about concepts that can be easily incorporated into your practice.

Selling the Kids Biz provides a clear understanding of how to better serve the younger customer.  Designed to provide insight into the world of kids’ eyewear, the invaluable training series helps to pave the way for your sales success.Clearvision Logo (3)

ClearVision’s exclusive Selling the Kids Biz videos can be viewed from www.cvoptical.com as well as www.cvoptical.com/kidsbiz

To see ClearVision’s most current kid’s collections go to www.cvoptical.com/OurBrands.htm

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