Spy® Steps Further Into Next Gen Looking Glass With Pritts

CARLSBAD, Calif.—SPY Optic™ today announced a consulting agreement with optical industry veteran, Jim Pritts. He will facilitate research and development of lens technologies, working closely with the Company on product design and development, sourcing, quality, technology communication, intellectual property and prior art, and marketing and training.

Jim, aka ‘The Wizard of Light’, is a legend in the business and there isn’t much he doesn’t know, from optics and development to sourcing and production and even into the sales and marketing conversation, especially as that relates to what the marketplace embraces technology-wise and, therefore, the opportunities for SPY to further enhance the performance and appeal of its eyewear,” says Carol Montgomery, SPY® CEO.  “He has a great passion for the business and we’re looking forward to working with him across the breadth of our product lines in addition to pursuing new concepts we believe no one has yet considered.”

With degrees in optics and marketing and more than 30 years’ experience in the optical industry, Pritts is popularly regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on performance eyewear. He has, over his storied history, guided the conception, design, development, introduction and communication of innovative performance sunwear for numerous new and established brands.

Pritts has owned his own consultancy firm since 1997, providing a wide range of technical and marketing services, including product development, licensing, sourcing, and marketing diligence and direction for eyewear designers, manufacturers and brands. He was retained from 1998 to 2008 by Intercast, where he was responsible for North American business for this leading supplier of premium sunlenses. While at Intercast, he successfully guided the development and introduction of numerous lens technologies, which contributed to the marked success of that business.

From 1990 through 1997, Pritts was vice president of research & development at Revo.  Working collaboratively as part of an executive team of three, he fueled the company’s growth and innovations, creating a broad Revo family of lens technologies that allowed Revo to become the market leader in the “ultra-premium” sunglasses category.

Pritts’s tenure in the eyewear business additionally includes work with Sunglass Hut International, a five-year stint at ophthalmic lens leader Sola International, and various marketing and new product management positions with Bausch & Lomb & Rayban, where he managed the design, development, introduction and marketing of new sunglass collections for both U.S. and international markets.

“I’ve watched SPY from its inception in the early-to-mid-‘90s and was always intrigued by the quality of the products and the appeal of the brand,” says Pritts. “This is an exciting opportunity to dive-in and work with a bright and creative team to get to even higher levels of innovation and utility,” says Pritts.  “We’re planning to do things that are designed to leverage SPY’s newly-invigorated brand directive and pave the way for increased growth and appeal of the product offerings.”

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