Seiko Introduces Surmount Ws Free-Form Lenses

NOV 2011. MAHWAH, NJ—Seiko Optical Products of America, the pioneer and global leader in digital ophthalmic lens technology, extends its free-form product offering with new SEIKO Surmount Ws (Wide & Short), 100% internal free-form progressive lenses.

Mike Rybacki, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing stated, “SEIKO Surmount Wide & Short is a new addition to our vast free-form product line, the most advanced in the U.S. market, and the first to incorporate recently patented technology in internal SEIKO Surmount Ws (Wide & Short)free-form design. This new technology places a complex convex surface onto the concave side of the lens. This lets us use lower base curves than ever before, creating much flatter, more cosmetically appealing lenses.”

New SEIKO Surmount Ws is a hard design progressive lens offering a 42% wider reading area with clear distance vision to the periphery. Mr. Rybacki continued, “Progressive lens wearers who rely heavily on their eyewear for near vision tasks will find SEIKO Surmount Ws lenses easy to wear and use. This advanced design features an automatic variable inset of the corridor and reading areas based on patient distance Rx and PD. ECP’s can also specify the patient’s preferred reading distance to ensure exact optical alignment for the widest intermediate and reading areas possible. Surmount lenses also use advanced aspheric compensation to optimize the Rx for the as-worn position, and multi-polar astigmatic correction that corrects for oblique astigmatism, increasing wearer comfort by reducing the need for head movements.”

Mr. Rybacki concluded, “Seiko Surmount and Surmount Ws lenses are available in 1.50 plastic, Trivex®, polycarbonate, 1.60, 1.67, and 1.74 high index materials. Polarized and Transitions® lenses are also available in select materials.

For complete information on all of Seiko’s lens products, please visit our website at or call Seiko Optical Products of America, Inc. at 1-800-235-5367.”

About Seiko

Seiko Optical is the world leader in the design and manufacture of free-form progressive lens products as well as free form and conventional high-index single vision lenses. Seiko introduced the first soft design progressive lenses in 1984 and the first 100% back surface progressive lenses in 1997, and holds numerous patents for lens design technology. Seiko continues to lead the industry with Seiko Internal Free-Form progressive lenses. Manufactured to the highest standards in the industry, all Seiko products provide the wearer with the best measure of quality and value. For more information please visit

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