Fendi Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

The Fall/Winter 2011 Fendi Eyewear Collection features luxurious materials and intricate detailing synonymous with the house of Fendi. The legendary Zucca pattern, a staple throughout all collections, has been replicated onto temples creating a window through which crystal inlays are displayed. Classic detailing seen throughout the Fendi Ready-to-Wear collection and accessories are replicated onto temples. A new detail to the collection is the Fendi Pequin pattern that wraps and extends down full temples.

The collection represents the three pillars of Fendi with each piece representing a pillar. The Fendi O’ pillar is young, vibrant, and trendy. The Fashion Forward pillar is inspired by the hottest trends from the runway and is always fashion forward. The Fatto a Mano pillar is classic and timeless and includes the highest tier of luxury fashion. These pieces come together to create a
timeless and exquisite collection, unique from any other.

SunFendi Eyewear Style: FS5196_hero

FS5196. FS5197. The Zucca pattern, created by the double “F” logo, is seen throughout the FENDI collection from Ready-to-Wear to handbags and accessories. Now transposed onto the temples of FS5196 and FS5197, the pattern takes new life in vivid colorations that are fully saturated in color or translucent between the window created from the double “F.” The pillowed square (FS5196) is available in black, brown, green, blue, and red; while the classic square (FS5197) is available in black, grey tortoise, brown, green, Fendi Eyewear Style: FS5213gradient blue, bordeaux, and blonde havana.

FS5213. The voluptuous oval, molded zyl and end piece adornment fully embody the FENDI Silvana for which FS5213 is inspired by. Translated onto sunwear, the distinctive metal buckle, found on the handbag, is inlayed with two-toned color enamel at end pieces and a polished metal double “F.” FS5213 is available in black, brown, beige, metal green, and red.Fendi Eyewear Style: FS5254

FS5254. The Pequin is a rooted design in the FENDI brand, almost as recognizable as the Zucca. Inspired by the art-decaux trend, the Pequin is a striped pattern that is replicated onto the broad temples of FS5254. Re-introduced in the fashion forward pillar, FS5254 is a voluminous square available in black, brown, light Havana, pastel beige, midnight blue, and burgundy.

Fendi Eyewear Style: FS5231FS5230. FS5231. These vintage inspired frames are offered in bold colorations and are balanced by thin temples with a small double “F” logo placed at the beginning of temples. FS5230 has round lenses and is available in black, striped Havana, Havana, Havana green, Havana blue/black, and Havana red/black. FS5231 has square lenses and is available in black, brown/pink gradient, brown grey gradient, green gradient, and burgundy pink gradient.Fendi Eyewear Style: FS5224

FS5224. A staple within the FENDI Eyewear Collection, FS5224 is the reinterpreted sunglass featuring the large double “F” at either end of the frame. The “F” is sculpted metal and in vivid contrast to the available frame colors: black, ebony, cream, brown, light Havana, and powder. Thin temples display the FENDI logo in polished silver.

Fendi Eyewear Style: FS5206FFFS5206FF. Fan di Fendi frame. An object of desire, the Fan di Fendi frame coincides with the launch of the new Fan di Fendi eau de parfume. Embodying the spirit of the fragrance, the luxurious frame pulls from the design of the bottle – glistening gold fully lines frame interiors and compliments the inlaid double “F” gold logo. The Fan di Fendi logo is scripted in black on the inside right temple. The pure gold interior creates a striking contrast to black frames with either gradient smoke or gradient flash gold lenses. *Limited distribution to: U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Brasil, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, U.K., Russia, Turkey, Bahrain, Jordan, Omar, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.Fendi Eyewear Style: FS5209

FS5207. FS5209. FS5219. Sculpted of polish metal, the FENDI “F” is inlayed at end pieces with the top of the “F” extending to the end of zyl temples. Sleek and unique, this integration of the FENDI “F” stands out boldly within the Fall/Winter 2011 Collection. FS5207 is a rounded square available in black, tobacco, cream, pastel green, burnt orange, and vanilla. The metal “F” of the FENDI gently curves around the shield and is available in palladium, gold, and golden rose. FS5219 is a modified cat-eye available in black, white, Havana, green grey, and purple.

Fendi Eyewear Style: FS5216FS5216. The Selleria collection pays homage to the artisan mastery of FENDI predecessors, highlighting their skilled craftsmanship in leather goods. The FENDI Selleria plaque is inlayed at the temple, interrupting the illusion of stitching that flows down temples. Inspired by vintage, the cat-eye has a heavy brow and is available in black horn, brown horn, Havana horn, grey horn, and burgundy horn.



Fendi Eyewear Style: F935F935. F940. F942. F945. F946. The infamous Zucca, created by the interlocking FENDI double “F,” is replicated onto the optical temples of a variety of ophthalmics in the Fall/Winter 2011 FENDI collection for a timeless, classic look. F935 and F940 have the Zucca running down temples. F935 is an oval available in gradient black, gradient brown, light green, turquoise, gradient purple, and burnt orange. F940 is a uplifting cat-eye available in black, brown, blue, demi wine, and blonde Havana. F942 has the Zucca pattern inlayed onto temples between two engraved, polished rings and is available in black, taupe, brown, azure, eggplant, and Bordeaux. F945 is classic with a strong brow and a simple FENDI logo coursing down thin temples, available in black, brown, translucent green, translucent azure, translucent blue, translucent purple, red, and translucent peach. F946, its sister stye, has a slightly arched brow and is available in black, brown, translucent dark green, translucent azure, translucent lilac, and translucent orange.

Fendi Eyewear Style: F933F932. F933. The FENDI jewelry collection is timeless luxury and the chain link found on FENDI accessories creates unparalleled femininity. Translated onto the temples of F932 and F933, both optical styles interpret them in clean, pure ways. F932 features the chain link inlayed beginning at end pieces and continue down translucent zyl temples. Available in black, brown, green, azure, purple, and wine. F933 is a combination of metal and zyl with the chain link incorporated as a functioning hinge. Available in dark grey, silver, brown, purple, and gold.Fendi Eyewear Style: F923R

F923R. F941R. F923R and F941R are brought to new levels by incorporating crystals onto zyl temples and bringing these styles to the ultimate level of opulence. F923R is a metal and zyl combination featuring a jewel encrusted double “F” inlayed on temples. F941R is a smaller, more delicate metal and zyl combination frame with the FENDI double “F” followed by four intricately placed crystals in a succession down temples.

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