4th Dimension 4656-59 From ProDesign Denmark

4th Dimension Style: 4656-59Many effects from just one material!

One sheet of layered acetate creates this multi-colored frame – it is the way it is cut, that makes all the difference! The frames have a different look depending on how you look at them.

The differences are best seen on the temples, where one layer of the sheet is milled away to reveal the vibrant end tip color. And in the cut out section of the temples, the acetate is milled away completely. Instead sits a colorful metal wire core, which is fully visible on the inside of the frame, due to the choice of the transparent acetate that covers it.

The overall look of the collection has a very high performance feel to it, and the color combinations are mixed in powerful contrasts, that take the frames to the limit, where they are exciting but never extreme!

Four shapes with four to six colors each. Three masculine shapes, one unisex

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