Clearvision Optical Uses Video To Announce The Launch Of Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Eyewear

Hauppauge,Clearvision Logo (3) NY – August 2011 – Eyewear industry leader ClearVision Optical uses documentar y-style videos to officially launch the new Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Eyewear collection and its Virtual Try On technology.

“Using documentary-style videos to announce the launch was the logical choice for a vehicle that would best connect with the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew brand and the technology revolving around its Virtual Try On, or VTO,” says Sheila Haile, ClearVision’s Manager of Marketing and Creative Services. “We used videos to lead up to this official launch, as this was a way to keep in line with Marc’s trend-setting persona and create excitement for VTO, which is still relatively new to the eyewear industry.  These videos created a real-time connection and allowed our audience to feel close to the brand.”

Two videos were designed to provide this visual communication of the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew brand and its Virtual Try On technology:  the first, delivered by Marc Ecko, specifically addressed the optical industry and marketplace, while the second, delivered by Peter Friedfeld, ClearVision’s Executive Vice President, specifically address ed ClearVision’s current customers.

The Marc Announcement, a raw, personal account of Marc providing his endorsement of the eyewear collection and VTO, was designed to bring a “celebrity” face to the brand and reinforce his personal connection.  In this video, Marc speaks directly to the optical audience while en route to his NYC offices, inviting them to view the eyewear and check out the VTO website as a fun, interactive way to try on the collection.

The “Peter Announcement,” Peter’s casual yet intimate video announcement, created a familiar face-to-face connection with ClearVision’s customers.  Designed to reinforce ClearVision’s familial aspect, this personal invitation to try VTO further illustrated the company’s importance of providing quality, caring customer service.

The videos were part of ClearVision’s communication strategy that involves their adoption and implementation of technologically-advanced marketing vehicles such as QR codes, apps, mobile messaging, video blogs, and webcasts.

VTO allows the optical community to view and try on the Cut & Sew eyewear collection of 13 optical and 5 suns from their own computer by uploading a photo or using a model image provided. Images can be saved or shared on Facebook.  In addition, eye care professionals can order the collection online through this website.


View the exclusive Marc video by clicking here or on the link below:


The Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Eyewear collection is now available for purchase.  Please visit and click to be a part of the Experience.

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