Eastern States Eyewear Unveils Cazal Legends

Cazal Eyewear has announced its Cazal Legends collection, a nod to the storied past of this historic collection.  The collection is presently comprised of the legendary 607, 623, 856, 901, 902, 904, and 951 with releases of the 616 and 905 planned for later in 2011.  Each style is authentic down to the last detail; following the exact design and construction specifications with the original colors and materials that were first used over 25 years ago.  Made in Passau, Germany, these styles have been produced in limited quantities and are Cazal’s gift to true eyewear connoisseurs.Cazal Legands Style: 623 in black

First created in 1975 by designer Cari Zalloni for whom the brand takes its namesake (CA-ri ZAL-loni), Cazal originally was embraced by inner city youths who quickly deemed the lavish, bold, urbane designs as “status eyewear”.  Cazal quickly became a sensation throughout the fashion world and was seen on the faces of such iconic legends as Run DMC, Sammie Davis Jr., Stevie Wonder and was mentioned in Michael Jackson’s video for the song “Bad”.  Today, the Cazal Legends styles have been sought out and worn by a whole new generation of celebrities.  Jay Z, Usher, Randy Jackson, Will Smith, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Brad Pitt, Will I Am, Fergie, Rhianna, Gwen Stefani, Amare Stoudemire, Rick Ross, Spike Lee and many more have all been photographed wearing these legendary models.

Cazal Legends come in a specially designed vintage case containing a cleaning cloth.  All styles are limited editions collector’s items.  A special Cazal Legends 607 themed t-shirt is available.  Additionally, as was done in the 1980’s, customers are dying crystal 607’s a variety of colors and lining the lenses with personalized Swarovski Crystal designs.

Cazal Legands Style: 244 in clear“To have something that is a true vintage you must have something that was a true original,” explains Cazal Creator Cari Zalloni.  “These vintage Cazal Legends styles remain an enormous influence in design and flair throughout our industry.  With such a huge groundswell in worldwide demand for them we are happy to be a part of “Cazal Fever” once again,” explains Roger Shyer, ESE President.


INFO: Eastern States Eyewear, (800) 645-3710 website: www.eseyewear.com, www.facebook.com/eseyewear, www.twitter.com/eseyewear.  Please note not available in all states, call for further information.

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