ProDesign Presents Axiom – Optimized Simplicity

Axiom is a new line under the ProDesign name. It is a light collection where we have optimized the simplicity of existing technologies. The innovative functionality is right there for the world to see. ProDesign always adds that little extra twist, so you will notice that the temples are much more voluminous than similar hingeless products on the market.

“Axiom” means a self-evident truth, and that is exactly what this collection is! It’s a no-nonsense collection with integrated technical solutions that you can see! You can look at the Axiom frames and instantly realize how they work.ProDesign Axiom Style: 6115 (group)


A streamlined, simple collection with a twist.

This simple, yet innovative collection from ProDesign has no hinge, but where the hinge would be, you’ll see an “s”. This “hinge” inspiration comes from the jewelry industry and by placing the “s” on the particular part of the temple it becomes thinner and the temple can bend where you expect it to.

The temple material has been developed very carefully to be strong and flexible at the same time. Flexible temples require coloration that will not peel. ProDesign has used a new technology called PVD, which makes it nearly impossible for the color of the temples to peel. It’s a delicate and time-consuming process but the results are fully worth it.

The classic colors and shapes of this series underline the simple aesthetics that sets Axiom apart from the other ProDesign collection.

Seven different shapes

Four colors each

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