Vitrectomy for Vitreous Opacities (Floaters)

Vitreous floaters can be a sign of a serious retinal disease. They are very uncommon in people under 40 years old. If you have new floaters, especially if you are young, you need to see a retina specialist immediately. You might have a serious infection or inflammatory disease. If you are in the US, you can find a retina specialist at . . If you are in Europe, you can look for a retina specialist at: .

Removal of vitreous floaters using 25 gauge vitrectomy, This 64 year old woman had cataract surgery 7 years previously. She was followed in our practice with bothersome floaters for the past 6 years. She described sheets of gauze like floaters that would intermittently obstruct her vision. They did not clear with observation. Her left eye had vitrectomy for floaters 3 months ago and the patient was thrilled. This video is of the vitrectomy in the right eye. Floaters clear on their own almost all of the time. Even patients with persistent floaters usually adjust to them. Their is a small group of patients with sheet like floaters and veils that affect their visual function and do not clear even after waiting over a year. In this situation, it is acceptable to consider vitrectomy surgery. Vitrectomy does carry a risk of retinal detachment, infection and bleeding. So the risk of surgery has to be balanced with the potential benefit. This patient understood that and chose to have surgery and was thrilled with the result.

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