Express Yourself With 2011 Humphrey’s Collection

Wear what you want to wear! This rather rebellious statement from the 2011 Humphrey’s collection conjures up Humphrey's Eyewear - purple (5_11)that sensational feeling of being able to express your own style with confidence. Recognize who you are, decide what you stand for and be proud to show off your uniqueness.

Who better to spread this message across the world than the dynamic girls from t.A.T.u.? The controversial pop duo succeeded in being the first Russian band to top the charts and attracted great media attention. They represent a new self-confidence and know that the key factor to success in today’s world is having the ability to capture people’s interest and that this can only be achieved by having a unique personality.

Humphrey's Eyewear -teal (5_11)Humphrey’s – for cool and trendy frames – is an established brand which is renowned for being on the leading edge of contemporary style and fashion.

Humphrey’s eyewear is for those whose love to be individual and love to have fun. Humphrey’s eyewear is for the leaders of fashion and is famous for offering the very latest looks and the very latest styling.

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