New Koali Design: Cactus

Koali Cactus - mutipleMore than ever, Koali is inspired by observation of the plant world. For this new concept, the Koali designer has chosen the prickly pear.

Shapes have been worked to achieve lightness and understated elegance. The temple design imitates the curved shape of the cactus leaf (or cladophyll) and is made from stainless steel worked in 3 dimensions. In terms of decorative effects, discretion is the order of the day with 3 die-stamped patterns: stripes, spikes and dots in matching tones.

With a refined sense of realism the small cylindrical endpiece could be taken for a prickly pear and brings the temple to life. Seven styles with widely varying eyeshapes (taut lines on stainless steel and acetate fronts, rounder lines on rimmed models) are produced in a broad range of sizes from 47 to 53.

Koali Cactus - doubleAvailable in a palette of soft and subtle colors, the Cactus concept offers female consumers a product that is sleek, light and full of character, appealing to women who want to make their mark in the world.

Distribution: MOREL Wyckoff, NJ
Press Contact: Dawn Cobianchi / MOREL (800)526-8838

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