New Style 6501-04 From Axiom Collection

Axiom is a new line under the ProDesign name. It is a light collection where we have optimized the simplicity of existing technologies. The innovative functionality is right there for the world to see. ProDesign always adds that little extra twist, so you will notice that the temples are much more voluminous than similar hingeless products on the market.

“Axiom” means a self-evident truth, and that is exactly what this collection is! It’s a no-nonsense collection with integrated technical solutions that you can see! You can look at the Axiom frames and instantly realize how they work

6501-04Axiom Style 6501-04 (3-11)

Gradient colors full of light

Sometimes the look of a frame can be inspired by the material itself, as is the case with this amazing new Axiom collection from ProDesign. The fronts are made of the strong NXT material, which is in fact a sunglass lens material. The NXT is both strong and flexible enough to allow the lens to click into place.

The coloration if these frames make them very special. The fact that the NXT is actually a lens material allows the light to pass through the fronts to obtain the fashionable transparent colors.

From the deep velvety purple to the high class crystal with the gold flash mirror effect, combined with beautiful metallic temples really makes this collection stand out.

The temple material has been developed very carefully to be strong and flexible at the same time. Flexible temples require coloration that will not peel. ProDesign has used a new technology called PVD, which makes it nearly impossible for the color of the temples to peel. It’s a delicate and time-consuming process but the results are fully worth it.

  • Four different shapesAxiom Style 6501-04 red (3-11)
  • Four colors each

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