Eastern States Eyewear has announced the release of its Exces Eyewear fall optical collection.



The new collection presents a mix of its progressive core styles, the brand’s more classic “Princess” models, as well as the new men’s collection “Slim Fit” with a total of six plastics and four metals comprising the release. The core styles are notable for their exciting color range that features a selection of bright laminates and dynamic multi colored mottled looks. The “Princess” line mixes in rhinestone accents and a sparkling pavé treatment for a more classic fashion feel. The masculine “Slim Fit” features lean shapes that accommodate men with average to smaller face sizes.
“One thing we set out to do with Exces is to fill under represented market needs at a popular price point,” explains Jason Shyer, ESE Managing Director. “Slim Fit is a fine example – just as there are gentlemen who need a wide fit there are plenty of guys out there who’s faces are too small for typical men’s shapes. Slim Fit provides an easy option for dispensers when working with a consumer that has this need who desires a
cool frame.”
For more information, contact Eastern States Eyewear at 800-645- 3710 or on the web at

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