Rudy Project Release the 2018 Sintryx – Change Comes Quickly

Rudy Projectsintryx_gifRudy Project just received full stock of our flagship 2018 frame, the Sintryx. This is our first mountain-bike specific frame, with dual-lens wraparound coverage and an innovative new lens swap system where the frame comes apart with the simple press of a button, making for an effortless lens swap that doesn’t put strain on the lens or frame. All of this, weighs in at just 1 ounce/30 grams, and the frame is already gaining popularity with mountain bikers, triathletes, skiers, and road cyclists. It also comes in a shooting/performance kit configuration with multiple lenses that would make a perfect holiday gift for the avid outdoorsman or outdoorswoman.

You can view all available color options on our new dealer website here:

The Sintryx also comes with our brand new, revamped Polar3FX HDR lens line, available in three multilaser colors (Green, Red, and Orange).

The full release is attached, with a gif that demonstrates the lens swap mechanics. Please let me know where I can send samples for review. Cheers!

17 – Press Release Rudy Project – SINTRYX 2018

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