Styles by Clariti October



AB7720c1blackTORQUOISE wBLUEclip

The perfect Accessory for your Digital Life! Airmag Blue Light Protective Lens Clip-On has two Clips, one works as a Blue Light Protective Lens which prevents harmful blue light from your computers, tablets and phones from causing damage to your eyes. Plus you receive another clip for the daytime; a polarized sun lens. Try AB7720 on in Black/Turquoise, Black/Blue, and Gunmetal.




AirMag Night Vision offers an incredible feature: A Polarized Magnetic clip-on for daytime and another clip that can be worn at Night to help reduce glare caused by headlights! AN7806 can be worn in Shadow and Gunmetal.




AirMag AP6435 Mirrored lenses are iridescent, and made with TR90 a fine lightweight material. These have invisible magnets with a secure hold so they never move out of place. Try yours on in Black with a Blue Mirror Clip, Black/Red with a Red Mirror Clip, and Demi Amber with a Blue/Green Mirror Clip!




The ever lovely KA5794 is designed with a black lace overlay which creates a soft and delicate look and enhances the beautiful colors of this frame. Try yours on in Black, Teal, and Bronze!




The Fall season is upon us and that means sipping our favorite lattes or hot chocolates while wearing our favorite Konishi frames! KA5795 is designed to welcome the season with its deep colors and warm tones!




With its soft tones and lines Konishi Acetate KA5796 is both lightweight and durable making it the perfect combination to get you through your day! Try it on in Tortoise Blue, Grey Mist, and Mauve!

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