Polaroid Side Stories: Meet the Talent in Our Stories


Polaroid – a worldwide leader in polarized lens technology and in the mass-cool eyewear segment – presents Side Stories: five short videos starring authentic characters of different ages and different talents, all in love with Polaroid Eyewear. After The Fish Bowl, the short film inspired by the life of Edwin Herbert Land, the man who revolutionised the way we see the world, Side Stories is the latest from the marketing campaign celebrating the brand’s 80 th anniversary.

Through incredible stories, our five artists, coming from music, fashion, street art, skateboarding and dance, tell us about themselves and present their vision for a better world. These unique, contemporary talents have all reached for and, thanks to Polaroid Eyewear, realised their dreams: they are the “Edwin Lands” of our time, represented through their art.

The concept of Instant Experience is a recurring theme in each of the Side Stories: the transformation, the moment in which, by improving our perception of what we see thanks to Polaroid, we give our best and express ourselves. Free to seize every occasion just as Land did 80 years ago, we clearly see the opportunities, beauty, truth and love which surrounds us.

This is exactly how famed musician Lion Babe, model Elliott Sailors, Spanish artist Felipe Pantone, child skateboarding champion Sky Brown along with Skate Kitchen, and shuffle dancers Gabby David and Puff the Houseman reflect the values of the brand. Through them, the multifaceted, multicultural, timeless pop soul of Polaroid, a leading brand in the eyewear market and polarised lens technology founded in 1937, is infused with new energy.

All the contents are in the brand platform Polaroid: thefishbowl.polaroideyewear.com

Side Story Talent

Music: LION BABE is an electro soul duo from New York, made up of singer Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman. The duo’s first EP debuted in 2014. Their music video represents the importance of seeing the world with your mind open to positivity, as opposed to all the negativity which surrounds us today.

Fashion: ELLIOTT SAILORS is an American model who has posed for photographers Terry Richardson and Peter Beard, in addition to being the face of the 150 th anniversary of Bacardi, in an ad campaign shot by Ellen Von Unwerth. In 2012, Sailors made a radical choice and began her career as a menswear model. Acting in both the female and male roles, in the video Elliott embodies an incredibly important statement for Polaroid: the fundamental belief in equality and beauty.

Dance: PUFF THE HOUSEMAN got his start in his bedroom before launching his career on Instagram, where he found an army of regular followers. Today his videos are among the most-watched, reflecting his unconditional love for music and dance.

Dance: GABBY DAVID is a professional dancer who was affected by CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) and who founded an online store called Feeling of Divinity to collect funds and raise awareness about the syndrome and to be able to pursue her passion for dance.

This story gave rise to a talented yet unexpected duo: a graceful shuffle dancer and a funny nerd, coming together as a couple in which two opposites create magic doing what they love: dancing!

Skateboarding: SKATE KITCHEN SKATERS, a collective from New York which has become a bona fide phenomenon, adored and followed even by celebrities like Pharrell Williams.

Skateboarding: SKY AND OCEAN BROWN At 8 years old, Sky became the youngest girl to take part in the Vans adult pro open skateboarding competition. The skateboarding story focuses on the collaboration and union between two generations of female skaters who are mutually re-defining their expectations, in addition to being a celebration of how two generations can influence and encourage each other – not only in skating, but also in the most intimate expression of oneself, resulting in intense emotional impact.

Art: FELIPE PANTONE is an Argentinian-Spanish artist who began writing graffiti at the age of 12. He earned his fine art degree in Valencia, Spain, where his studio is currently based. Pantone travels the world constantly in the name of his art, and his work has been shown across Europe, America, Australia and Asia. The last story in the series focuses on experimentation with light and colour. The eye of the observer will delve into Pantone’s creative mind, capturing the thrilling relationship between artist and art, while emphasising the true experimentation which arises from his work.

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