Whimsical Patterns and Colors that Pop



Zoobug’s optical range for infants to 12 years combines technical features with functionality and style to create 3 key ranges: Fashion, Everyday and Active. The TR90 material is flexible, durable and commonly used in sports eyewear which makes it ideal for daily wear. ”Our belief is that all children should wear properly fitting frames designed to protect their sight and let them look gorgeous!”, Dr. Julie Diem Le (Zoobug Founder and phthalmologist). The whimsical patterns and bright color combinations shown in styles ZB1027 and ZB1029 are sure to please children from ages 4-12 years. These styles offer two shapes for boys and girls with plenty of color! Who says eyewear has to be boring!

Fashion forward and on-trend for children’s active lifestyles. Zoobug offers it all!

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