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TANGIBLE HYDRA PEG COATING: GP Specialists has been offering a new technology which was introduced during late February of this year. The new technology is called Tangible Hydra-PEG. Tangible Science has dramatically improved the contact lens experience by developing a contact lens coating.

I have been privileged to have our practice chosen as a beta testing sight for the past 10 weeks. Our patients love the new technology. It is a high water polymer coating that is permanently bonded to the surface of a gas perm contact lens . The coating creates a wetting surface that encapsulates the underlying lens material and enables it to integrate easily into the ocular environment without disrupting the teat film.

We all have patients who have stopped wearing contact lenses due to dryness which leads to discomfort.

Associated with contact lens wear. Right? Yes indeed. Dropout rates are becoming an alarming number which can affect over 30% of our patients. We have also had many patients who have moderate or heavy debri form on the surfaces of their lenses.

Fogging: If you listen to your patients – many will tell you that their lenses become cloudy creating foggy vision after a few hours of wear. No problem. Tangible Hydra peg coating comes to your rescue.

One of our receptionist seeing the wonderful results from our gas perm patients treated with this new Tangible Hydra Peg coating asked me to make her gas perm lenses. Her Rx: R. -5.50 -6.00 x 25 20/25 L: -1.25 -5.00 x 150 20/25. We had tried fitting her with custom toric soft lenses but the acuity wasn’t clear so she went back to her spectacles. I made her bitoric lenses out of the Contamac Comfort material. The lenses were coated by GP Specialists in San Diego. A few days later, the lenses arrived, Our receptionist opened the package and put the lenses into her eyes.

She did not tell me that she was wearing the new lenses until lunch time. She popped into my office with a huge smile on her face and shouted: I’m wearing my new lenses and I can see great. I asked: ‘Do you feel that the coating makes any difference. She replied: ‘Absolutely, they are very tolerable.’ She is a first time gas perm patient so that remark was a pleasant surprise. She continued: ‘Yes, I know that something is in my eyes but the lenses are very comfortable.”

Our patients have been going ‘nuts’ over this coating and our contact lens business is booming. Why? The answer is simple. No one around us is offering this special coating. Not even the box stores. We finally have the edge that we have been searching for.

The biggest boom in our practice has been the comfort that this coating gives to the Ortho-K lenses. Children adapt overnight to the newly coated lenses. The fogging that would occasionally come with Sclerals lenses are now a thing of the past.

Contamac Ltd, manufacturer of the Optimum line of GP contact lens materials is pleased to announce the FDA clearance of Tangible Hydra-PEG. Tangible Hydra-PEG coating encapsulates Contamac’s Optimum GP materials in an ultra thin layer of a PEG-based polymer, creating a lens surface that is extremely wettable.

As a practitioner, you all know that fitting custom contact lenses can be time intensive, adaptation times can span weeks and the possibility of lens drop-out due to lens awareness can be high.

Rules: We had to learn not to use any alcohol based cleaners to these treated lenses. We use non-abrasive cleaners, wetting solutions along with any hydrogen peroxide products once/week Do not attempt to polish the lenses as that procedure will take off the coating. Do not rub anything on the lens like toothpaste as that will take off the coating. Once you learn the do’s and things not to do then the coating will last the life of the lenses.

We tell our patients that the coating will last one year. In that fashion, our patients will return for new lenses sooner rather than later. It’s also a great marketing tool for custom made products which our office has always been fitting. Another great reason for patients to purchase custom made products. Imagine patients being more comfortable in their custom lenses from morning to dusk. Just imagine that.

For the practice that wish’s to be the techie practice with all the bells and whistles to offer their gas perm patients, this is the real deal.

Our happy first time gas perm patients are a testimonial to this new Tangible Hydra Peg coating. Be the first on your block to make this coating available to your patients. GP Specialists is waiting for your next gas perm lens order whether it be sphericals, biforics, multifocals, ortho-k, Sclerals, etc, etc.

Have fun with this new coating. You will be as pleased as we are.

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