It’s in the materials …


We always want to keep improving; our aim is to make spectacles that don’t just measure up to aesthetic and practical needs, but also to ecological standards. From high labor standards to innovative manufacturing methods, there is a lot that we have accomplished already. And yet we are striving for more and looking forward to the achievements, both big and small, in the journey ahead.

natural PX is a highly developed eco-friendly polymer used in the manufacture of our spectacle frames beginning in April 2017. naturalPX is made from organically sourced and renewable primary products, as 65% of our naturalPX is produced from an oil extracted from the seeds of castor oil plants, also known as “the miracle tree”.

This way we are supporting our environment’s natural cycle.

As the high quality of our products is of the utmost importance to us, this material also has to live up to the same renowned standards of excellence as the materials we have been using until now: light in weight, super flexible and sturdy, without any limitations in terms of coloration – allowing for the creation of deep, vibrant colors as well as those with a transparent crystal clear finish.

The lightness of the material allows for comfortable wear and gives our models an enjoyable feel. This is important as a pair of glasses is a constant companion that is exposed to all kinds of everyday situations.

Starting with the introduction of Bob, Valerie and Dani in April 2017, all neubau eyewear models, made of polymer, will be made from the eco-friendly naturalPX going forward.

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