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Year one of chapter three in the Blackfin story (III – I): Blackfin Lamina PLUS makes its debut. Blackfin meets acetate. A new material teamed with the deluxe hallmark of the brand is the defining feature of a collection of spectacle frames that bring together style and innovation. Top-class workmanship is on show in four new models made entirely of titanium but with cellulose acetate eye-rims. A clever combination that enriches the stylistic codes of the brand in which research and design are brought to life in original creative form.

The feminine allure of models Glen Cove BF791 and Searose BF792, the former oval in shape, the latter more angular, emanates from the elongated top rim and the charm of the dual materials used for the frames is enhanced by the contrasting colours of the temples and eye-rims, such as mocha/pale pink and dark grey/green (Glen Cove) or mocha/beige and grey-green/coral (Searose).

Bremen BF793 is the model for men. The classic rectangular shape acquires new personality from the play of the different materials that enhances the appeal of this frame in more sober colours such as gunmetal, dark tortoiseshell, grey or opaque blue.

Cutler BF794 completes the range. This revisiting of the iconic panto shape interpreted in the Blackfin key comes in five colours: gunmetal/black or dark tortoiseshell, titanium/red, navy blue/opaque blue, dark grey/orange.

From now on, the name PLUS will be used by Blackfin to describe all our products in which our deluxe hallmark titanium is combined with other materials to add even more choice to our range.

Blackfin Lamina PLUS is not only a titanium frame combined with acetate eye-rims, rather it represents the ultimate innovation, making it totally different from any of its competitors on the market.Blackfin - Cutler BF794 - Col.657 - Side

Its amazing quality and original design set it apart. Warm, top-quality acetate, worked by hand is used for the eye-rims in the form of the ultra-thin rings recalling the classic volumes of the brand. These are easy to extract thanks to the Sharklock™ locking system awarded the Silmo d’Or prize. It has amazingly comfortable super-flexible temples with patented Swordfish™ temple tips whose break-off guides make it possible to shorten the temples in three simple moves. What’s more, in contrast to any other frame, prescription lenses are easy to fit without the need to remove the rings, making the job quicker and simpler and making it possible to use lenses of standard materials.

Blackfin Lamina PLUS therefore is the perfect representation of chapter three in the Blackfin story, a new cultural and organisational level in which product, communications and marketing are ever more integrated in an organic process that seals the positioning of the brand on the international eyewear scene.

Blackfin eyewear is entirely conceived, designed and produced in Italy by Blackfin. If the Made-in-Italy concept is a fixed point, neomadeinitaly is our strong point. Our heritage of the past and our respect for the beauty that surrounds us, guide our code of ethics.

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