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Sometimes you get what you didn’t realize you asked for.  This summer we have been focused on the importance of online reviews…how to get them, what to do with negative reviews, how they help your ranking.  We even wrote an ebook about it! Well one of our customers, decided to return the favor and…

EyeCarePro got reviewed!

Smayod1.jpgBy  Joseph Smay, OD, Family Eye Care, Pittsburgh, PA

I have been a customer of EyeCarePro for two and a half years. They been writing a lot lately about customer reviews so I thought it was time to let them know what I think of their service. As a busy PERC practice, we don’t have much time to play Webmaster, so we outsourced this effort to EyeCarePro.



You are the BEST…why would an optometrist use any other company like yours?”

Wow! We should all get reviews like this every day and frankly, at EyeCarePro, we do. Sure we hit the rough spots from time to time like any business, but overall, our optometrist customers are pretty excited about our

  1.  focus and delivery on new patient appointments
  2.  our Support Team (their so darn friendly!)
  3.  the professionalism of our websites and ability to engage consumers
  4.  our ‘no-contract’ policy which means we must earn your business each and every month…

and we do!As a small business owner, yourself, you know the effort and planning and organizing that goes into having everything running smoothly and exceeding customers expectations. Whew! But when it happens, there may be no greater gift than a positive review.

Like Dr. Smay, we’d like the chance to exceed your expectations.

Thank you, Dr. Smay, for you kind words.  We look forward to serving you for the next few years just as well.

Dr. Joseph Smay
Owner, Our Family Eye Care

“We used to do our own webmaster duties. We decided to outsource them to EyeCarePro a few years ago. As a result, I have a better looking, more professional website. The price that they charge per month is very fair. Updating the site is painless due to their timely and efficient support staff.”

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