The Maverick Movie – The World Needs Mavericks


Carrera launches today the Maverick Movie. The final video, the result of thousands entries from all over the world, portrays the three winners of the competition: Danee Marmolejo, a parkour athlete from Mexico; Kiptoe (aka Matt Dean), a visual artist from Los Angeles; and SiairaShawn, a singer from San Francisco. These are the bold and unconventional Mavericks that Jared Leto and Carrera chose as the protagonists of the video.

The video was shot in L.A. by director Christian Larson and is curated by Jared Leto. The Mavericks are described in a very authentic and fresh way to clearly define who they really are – people who inspire, who don’t accept “no” for an answer, people who are not afraid of chances and breaking the rules. movie

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