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Digital Marketing Tips by Daniel Rostenne

Daniel Rostenne

Stage 3 Marketing: Offensive Marketing Strategy

The last tip described a strategic new patient marketing approach for an established practice to create a specialty of expertise. Now we will look at the optimal strategy for the next level of practice success – a practice that is truly thriving, has already differentiated itself in the marketplace and looking to dominate the local market.

The Stage 3 Practice

This practice has broken through all barriers; it has been around 20 plus years, has many doctors and many locations, making upwards of $1.5-2 million in revenue.  It is operating in a larger market, in which it has already created a distinguished name for itself – which is how it got to this size in the first place.

Goals of the Stage 3 Practice

A practice this size has the need to generate a LOT of patients, ALL THE TIME!   In order to attract a patient-base of 10,000+ per year … sometimes even 20,000+, this practice needs to completely dominate all the local search results, for miles around.  When patients think of eyecare, they must think of this practice first.  Period.


A stage 3 practice needs to leverage its impressive size, strength and reputation to circle back to the beginning to reel in lots of new patients. Because of its larger size and revenue, a practice of this kind can invest more on its marketing strategy to be everywhere that there are patients searching for anything related to optometry in the area. This includes all of the strategies mentioned in our previous tips but is enhanced by:

  • Advanced SEO: They will employ a more advanced search engine optimization strategy, including on-site and off-site tactics to ensure they are the top local presence in the search results.
  • Integrated Campaigns: They will incorporate customized online marketing campaigns that reach audiences across many channels with messages that are unique to their practice.
  • PPC: Focused Google Adwords campaigns that will bring more attention to their practice on Google search directed toward the people that matter.

The goal of this type of marketing is to bring your local online presence from good to the best, to experience tremendous growth and visibility that will help you to rise above the competition and stay there.

If this description rings a bell, check out our ODMetro service, specifically designed to meet the marketing needs of a thriving practice looking to reign in the local online marketplace.

Got questions about which stage your practice falls into? Contact Daniel by email at daniel@eyecarepro.net or phone (412) 532-6542.

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