OWP Press Release

Four new, impressive, cleverly simple acetate styles will be released in April. No nonsense, just clear lines and materials which speak for themselves.
Mexx 5161_5347
An undeniable classic style 8235 is uncomplicated and interprets the Panto in a refreshingly young and cool manner, while style 8236‘s curved, feminine form embodies an unmistakeable fashion statement. Both styles play around with exciting havanna variants, transparency and charming plain colours.
Style 8237 for men is the epitome of the casual rectangular lens, integrated into cool acetates with unagitated structures. By contrast, style 8238 is fine rimmed and has just the right measure of retro feeling as it combines classic havanna with plainly coloured linings.
On both styles, the characteristic logo can be found, as ever, as a clean, metallic decoration on
the left temple–you’ll never find more of an understatement!
Metropolitan Eyewear is a collection for urban trendsetters and exhibits sheer style and clear lines. For people who are completely in sync with the trends and who have both feet on the ground. They don’t ask what’s nice, what’s right or what’s of the highest quality. They just know.
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