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New Patient Marketing Stage 2 – The Established Practice

Daniel Rostenne

Our last digital tip focused on the specific new patient marketing needs of the young practice (new patients, new patients, new patients!). Today we move on to the next level of new patient marketing strategy suited for the practice that is larger, more established and generates higher income.

Once a practice either breaks the 10-year barrier, adds a second doctor or a second location, or generates over $700,000 in revenue, it’s clear that something very right is happening.  The practice is successfully growing, expanding its patient base, and has technology investments, skills, specialties and experience.  This all adds up to keep existing patients coming back for more, and also serves to uniquely differentiate the practice from the nearby competition.  In short – this is an established practice.

So what is the goal of new patient marketing a stage 2 established practice?

Stage 2: Strategic Marketing

Sure, even established practices want to bring in new patients, but most importantly, they want to bring in the right kind of new patients.  The way to do that is to tell your story.  You do it every day, now market it!  Market the practice’s specialties that differentiate it from the other ODs around town.  Tell your community the story of what makes you stand out, and why existing patients keep coming back every year.  Share the fact that your practice has the best technology around.  Telling your story requires more sophisticated and developed new patient marketing campaigns that now have a strategic focus behind them.

Stage 2 new patient marketing should focus on one topic for at least a three month period rather than a different topic every month.  Why 3 months on one topic?  Because you’ll notice that you’re spending a lot more time educating your community about your specialties.  Ortho-k is new for most people – they have to be exposed to it, understand it, then act upon it.  That takes time.  Dry eye marketing needs ongoing reinforcement to really hit home.

We call this type of marketing strategic marketing because you are sending out focused, educational messages that come together to build up your reputation as the local expert. It may take a while for people to appreciate and understand the benefits you are suggesting but eventually they will identify you, trust you and chose you when they are in need of the eye care you provide.  

For those practices that are looking for help, we have developed a stage 2 ‘established practice’ new patient marketing service – ODLingo.  It is focused on differentiating your practice from the competition, building up a reputation of expertise and expanding your reach.  

But wait!  There is still more…stay tuned for our next digital tip that describes stage 3 marketing for the thriving practice looking to dominate the local optometry scene.

Want to know which stage of marketing your practice falls into? I’m happy to help assess your practice and suggest a suitable marketing strategy.  Contact Daniel by email at or phone (412) 532-6542.

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