How Your Website Images Sell Your Practice

Digital Marketing Tips by Daniel Rostenne

Daniel Rostenne

Even if you don’t sell eyewear on your website, you are always “selling eyewear” on your website, and everything else related to your practice for that matter.

When visitors come to your optometry website, they have eyes on their mind. They are imagining what their experience will be in your office and whether you will provide the medical care, services or optical selection they want.  Your website images will help them decide whether they will take the next step to make an appointment or drop in for a visit.


The most important images your website visitors will look for in making this decision are:

·         Pictures of your doctors and staff.

·         Pictures of your office and exam rooms.

·         Pictures of your optical (if relevant) – including your frames selection.

Based on the content and the feeling these images evoke, your visitors will decide whether your practice offers the experience and products they seek, so you want to make sure they portray an accurate picture!

Here are some essential qualities your images need to convert website visitors to patients and customers:

·         Relevance: Images should truly show the experience you offer.

·         Modern: Shows you are up-to-date and advanced – especially when it comes to equipment.

·         Personalized: Real-life photos of your staff and office will have a greater impact than stock photos.

·         High-Quality: Your website photos will be the focus of your site – make them count.

Not convinced yet? Here’s a story that gives proof that the images on your site really sell.  

We recently received a call from a client trying to track down an image from their website. It turns out that a potential customer saw a pair of frames in their homepage slideshow that she simply “must have” and contacted the practice to order them right then and there.  

Images sell. They attract people to buy frames and as in this case, they can start the dialogue between you and a potential new customer.  Once the practice had this person’s attention, they were also able to begin to inquire about medical eye care needs and additional relevant services. This was an opportunity for this practice to turn a new website visitor into a happy customer, simply through an image on their website.

One last thing about website images; they must be legal or you could end up paying a lot of money to someone claiming copyright infringement. Read this article to find out more about this important topic:  

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