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Ever hosted a big event… without a caterer?  You know exactly what you want the big event to look like and what you want your guests to eat… but beyond that, you need some real expertise to pull it all together.   Good caterers not only provide an excellent meal, but they bring their expertise to make the whole event successful.  Timing, decor, layout… they make it happen.

Your Web Manager is your web marketing caterer.  Not only do we look after all the cooking, but we look after the entire event. Your monthly meeting with your Web Manager is the key to making it all happen.  So, what exactly do you need to tell your Web Manager to start bringing in new patients for your practice?

Your Web Manager is your practice’s personal Marketing Chef.  He knows your likes and dislikes, your strengths and weakness and what you wish to serve to your community. Like a well planned meal, your web managers ensures all of your marketing is coordinated, timely and most of all, effective at giving your prospective patients the full flavor of what your practice has to offer.
But what are the 4 guidelines you want to convey to ensure your success?
  • What image do I want to portray online? Are you a medically oriented practice? Do your specialize in pediatrics?  Are you a family-oriented practice? What specialties do you want to convey?  Your Web Manager will help to arrange all of these elements into a cohesive, attractive story.
  • What my makes my practice different from the competition?   What makes your practice unique?  Rapid appointments?  Large selection of frames? What can patients find at your practice that they won’t find anywhere else?
  • What geographic areas do I pull most of my patients from? Geographic terms are critical to your online search success.  Take a good look at the neighborhoods where your patients come from AND from the neighborhoods where they don’t.  Convey this to your Web Manager who will build that into your online plan.
  • How much is every new patient worth? At EyeCarePro, we use $300 per patient for practices with optical departments and $100 for practices without.  Why should you know what you patients are worth?  Because we are going to be delivering patients to your lobby each and every month and we want you to know what your return on investment is with our service.

Now is the time to hand over your web marketing efforts to an expert who can decrease the amount of time you are spending on this and significantly increase the results.  Put a Marketing Chef in your kitchen and sit back and enjoy the fruits of your decision.

Coming up next … can you REALLY track the appointments that are coming out of your website?

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Web Marketing Chef!

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