Carrera is the First Eyewear Company to Advertise on Instagram in Italy

carrera5023s_frontalini_01Carrera is the first eyewear company to advertise on Instagram, on the launch of the Instagram ads on the 9th of September 2015.

As an early digital adopter, the brand already chose Instagram as the privileged place to start the conversation and further connect with its people; nowadays Carrera is enhancing the relationship with Millennials even more, through new digitals tools, distinctive contents and a strong link to e-commerce.

Again, the brand proves the will to take the road less boring as its hallmark. And, after the recruitment of engaging brand ambassadors, Carrera shows again its perfect pairing with Instagram, with the new Interchangeable Campaign, launching on September 9th 22nd Sept as the only campaign visible on Instagram.

Carrera is the first eyewear company to advertise on Instagram, on the launch and exclusively running on the 12th, 14th and Resembling the Interchangeable eclectic spirit, true- to-its-nature yet different every day, the brand proves its capacity of experimenting and surprising through the Instagram Interchangeable Configurator and original moving images, designed to explore, change and have fun with the sunglasses’ colour palette and linked to, the new dedicated section on the Brand’s official website. “We are extremely excited about the launch of the new Carrera Interchangeable Campaign on Instagram”, says Thorsten Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer at Safilo. “Reaching our consumers where they are with relevant and informative messages shows Safilo’s commitment to put digital marketing at the core of our brand building efforts. Carrera is the perfect brand to do this given its 60-year history of innovation.”

carrera5022s_frontalini_01The Interchangeable Campaign has been tailor made for Instagram, to create a content that underlines the newness and uniqueness concept, both of the product and of the media, and to launch a new way of purchasing sunglasses and frames.

Creative, dynamic, and never the same, Carrera’s Interchangeable eyewear models perfectly embody Millennials’ authentic personality. In addition to the successful sunglasses range, the Interchangeable eclectic spirit infects also the optical Fall Winter collection.

The optical glasses maintain the lightweight metal structure and the innovative mechanism that makes the front easily interchangeable, designing a new way of wear corrective glasses. Just like the countless cover options available for your smartphone or tablet, these new eyeglasses offer a wide array of colours that you can mix and match every day to reflect your changing mood &and style.

You can express your personality by swapping fronts in a snap!

The two new models feature a contemporary, easy-to-wear design that is the same of the squared or rounded shape of the sunglasses Interchangeable collection: that means that covers you can choose are even more, since they can fit both the sun and the optical range.

The colour palette includes definite hues of blue, green, havana, and grey, as well as unique and coloured comic versions, in line with the latest fashion trends.

Each model, available in basic black, comes with an extra front that you can pick from in a wide range of colours. Collect them all and have fun mixing and matching them to look different every day.

The CARRERA collection of sunglasses and optical frames is produced and distributed by the Safilo Group.

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