Training Your Staff to Post Responsibly on Social Media

Digital Marketing Tips by Daniel Rostenne

Daniel RostenneAs I detailed in the last two digital tips, involving your staff in social media can transform and accelerate your Practice’s exposure by leaps and bounds. But you want to make sure that this exposure is positive and is in line with your marketing goals.

Research from Gallup reveals, 50% of employees are already sharing on social media about their work, but a third of them are doing so without any guidance from their employer. If your staff is going to be representing your Practice, you want to make sure you have set out clear goals, rules and guidelines. Here are some basic steps in training your staff to post responsibly.

Step one: The Basics
The first step is to make sure employees know how to use the social media platforms you are employing including the privacy settings, terms of use and culture (hashtags, type of content, tagging, Twitter abbreviations etc.).

It is also worthwhile to create standard profile content for employees to use for their accounts that describes your Practice effectively and consistently with your marketing message, and includes links to your website and social pages.

Step two: Defined Goals
In order for your staff to be ambassadors for your Practice they need to know your brand promise (what is unique about your Practice, what you stand for, your values etc.) and what image you want to portray (an eye care educator, a fashion expert, a family centered practice). Social media is about creating a relationship, trust and engaging the community. Your staff should be aware of the potential – as well as the possible risks – and the types of content that you are looking to promote. Remind them of your goals of customer service and providing value and expertise to the community.

Step three: Rules and Guidelines
You can and should create a social media policy for your staff; here are a few suggestions to include:

  1. Use your best judgment – before you post, think “I can never take this back.”Ask yourself if the post violates confidentiality, offends anyone, makes the practice look bad or causes damage.
  2. Be truthful and transparent. Make sure that you are honest about your relationship to the practice and if you are posting your personal opinion clearly state that this is not the official stance of the Practice.
  3. Be accurate. Check the facts before you post something.
  4. Be nice, clean and courteous. Use the same rules of conduct that you would in person in the office.
  5. Be respectful of competitors. You don’t want to start a social media war with the Practice down the street. Make it a policy to focus on your assets not your competition’s faults.

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