Avlang: Volume, Robustness, and Lightness

7651O_RG031Öga releases a new version of Avlang featuring injected TR90 fronts. Avlang meaning “oblong” in Swedish and Norwegian, is designed revolving around a fine-walled, stainless steel 4mm tube combining robustness and lightness.

The Avlang concept was inspired by the modern cylindrical architectural style from the Art Deco period of the 1930’s known as, Streamline Moderne. This particular style of architecture is echoed in Avlang’s fluid lines.

This concept features an exclusive double-flex screwless hinge whose mechanism is an integral part of the identically designed endpiece. A die-cast colored section at the joint of the endpiece and the temple provides a touch of color.

This injected TR90 release of Avlang is offered in three models, three colors each.

For more information visit www.morel-france.com

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