Get Your Staff’s Social Media Gears Turning [Part 2]

Digital Marketing Tips by Daniel Rostenne

Daniel RostenneLooking for ideas to get your staff involved in social media?
Our social media expert Sabina has plenty of ideas which she shares with our ODLingo clients each month. Here is an example of a couple of her suggestions from this past January:

1: Get A New Year’s Resolution!

Everyone has something to aspire to in the new year, whether it is spending more time with family, eating healthier, exercising, or finishing school. Throughout the month of January, take a picture of each staff member working on his or her resolution and add a sentence about what the goals are. Encourage fans to share their New Year Resolutions as well.

Our ophthalmic technician’s New Year’s Resolution is to lead a healthier lifestyle. With a family history of diabetes, she doesn’t want to be the next one going down that road. Check out a few of her recipes for eating healthy and staying fit. What is your New Year Resolution?

2: January 28th Is Fun At Work Day!

Work is not always fun but there are moments in the day when fun happens. When that time of day comes, take a picture and post it with a sentence or two about the fun that is happening in the picture. Add some hashtags like, #FunAtWorkDay.

Social media ideas can be plenty, but it does involve some thought and planning ahead. It is worthwhile to have periodic brainstorming sessions to get staff involved and gather all of your creative ideas in one place. Then you can plan them out over a period of a few months so the whole endeavor will be less cumbersome.

Some great ideas and sources of content to share include:

  • Q & A Session with your Optician(s)
  • Sneak Peek at your new products or special service
  • Ask for product reviews and recommend your favorite products
  • Articles and blogs – industry related or just entertaining, interesting or fun
  • Breaking industry news – subscribe to Google Alerts
  • Announcements or information about local or global causes or events
  • Jokes, facts, trivia and predictions
  • Frame styles, fashion and fitting tips
  • Contests or challenges
  • Seasonal or holiday related content
  • Videos, photos and infographics
  • Unique staff hobbies or skills, post links to employee bios
  • Commentary on news or sports (you might want to stay away from politics though!)

Stay tuned…in the next digital tip, I will share advice on how to train your staff to safely post on social media.

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