Discover 4 ways to improve your Practice site by analyzing your Average Pages Per Visit

Digital Marketing Tips by Daniel Rostenne

Daniel RostenneGoogle Analytics gives you lots of data about your website traffic, but very little useful information. One important data point it does provide is “Average Pages Per Visit”, which is an indicator of how engaging your website is. Now, let’s provide some information about that number.

Without question, if that number is too low… below two pages per visit, the chances are that something is wrong with the content of your website or your web traffic may not be attracting its target audience. Our analysis of over 1000 optometric websites found that Practices with less than 2 pages per visit often had other negative traffic factors such a low time on site or a very high bounce rate. In short, visitors just aren’t finding what they’re looking for on your site, so they leave.

To fix the problem, consider these four factors:

1) Take an objective look at your website, or, better yet, contact your website support and ask for their ideas on how to make your website more appealing and easy to read.

2) The top information that visitors look for on a website is: doctor info, location/directions, hours, and insurance information. Make sure those items can be easily located on the home page and in your toolbar navigation. Name them well, and position them first!

3) Is your home page a disorganized and out-of-date? You might have an attractive design, but over time, even a nice house gets messy and cluttered. Again, ask Support for help and clean up your home page in order to focus on what’s important to your potential patients. When it comes to homepages, often less is more.

4) Engage your visitor! Send existing visitors to your website to fill in online paperwork. Point them to the site for more information about a particular condition they might have. Engage potential patients with insights about common eye problems and how the practice can help. Don’t forget products – everyone’s always looking for a nice set of frames and sunglasses; promote your products on your website. Engage visitors and draw them into your site.

The higher your “Average Pages Per Visit” is, the more engaged are your website visitors. You might think that this is true up to a point, and at a certain point, visitors spend just too much time looking for the content they want, and have to click on too many web pages on. In truth, however, visitors just don’t have the patience to go browsing through your website to find what they want. If they’re potential patients, they’ll sooner leave your site than keep looking. If they’re existing patients, expect the phone to ring instead of people using your website as the self-serve vehicle that it should be.Eyecarepro Logo

Practices with under 2 pages per visit average 4 new patients a month from their website, while Practices with more than 2 pages per visit average 6 new patients. That’s 50% more new patients which equates to $7200 per year in new patients! Certainly a problem worth fixing! Not sure what your average pages per visit is on your website? If you’re an EyeCarePro customer, look for your Practice’s monthly PowerData email from EyeCarePro and know your score! See an example of PowerData here.

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