C&E Vision Releases myCloud – Web Based Transaction Archive

C&E Vision, one of the industry’s largest optical buying groups, has just released a new service called myCloud™ to its members. myCloud is a cloud based transaction archive that holds 6 years of member monthly statements, vendor invoices and product purchasing reports. Although C&E Vision has been providing monthly statements and vendor invoices online for some time, this new service allows members the ability to gain access to 6 years’ worth of idocs - iconsdata as well as analyze purchase data by vendor sku with a breakdown that shows tax, freight and number of products ordered over an extended period of time. “We all know how important statement and invoice data is for record keeping but sometimes life gets in the way.” says Steve Wagner, Principal of C&E Vision. He continues with “With unforeseen issues such as fires, floods, or simply misfiling our members need access to their information within minutes when researching is necessary.”

In today’s age it is crucial to have needed information at your fingertips and C&E Vision is there to help. With over 6 million invoices and 300 thousand statements members will be able to access what they need when they need it. David Carneal, Director of Buying Group Relations at C&E Vision stated “With our members trying to run their businesses and keep up with an ever changing marketplace we at C&E Vision do not want them to worry about missing paperwork when need arises. C&E Vision went paperless years ago to lower the cost of everyday supplies and increase office efficiency, why should our members not have the same luxury.”

This is just one of the many exclusive services that C&E Vision Buying Group currently offers to its members in its continuing effort to save the Eye Care Professional (ECP) more time and money. For more information about this service visit www.cevision.com or contact the Member Services Department at (800) 346-2626.C&E Vision Corporate Logo

About C&E Vision
C & E Vision located in San Clemente California, is one of the industry’s largest optical buying groups providing more than $7 million dollars in annual savings to its more than 4,000 members across the nation. C&E exclusively provides its members with time and money saving programs, web based services, important practice management information and learning opportunities that differ from the offerings of other groups. C&E Vision is known for providing customized memberships that meet the individual needs of each and every member by focusing on what is important to each eyecare professional.

C&E is committed to providing a host of innovative services that can serve as the basis for the success of the Independent Eyecare Professional (IEP). C&E’s members’ internet section provides the most advanced web services available from any optical buying group. C&E is the only optical buying group that offers vendor on-line invoices to assist professionals in their research and record keeping, check their current balance, open deferred vendor billings or to make a payment. Additionally, C&E’s web account management is simplified by allowing the viewing of historical statements and payments.

C&E’s provides eyecare industry societies and associations with affinity programs to financially support both the organization and their member’s annual dues. C&E is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and education through its continuing education programs and sponsorships.

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