Your Practice Is Unique: Differentiate By Promoting Your Specialty

Digital Marketing Tips by Daniel Rostenne

Daniel RostenneDuring a recent interview, Dr. David Kading, co-founder of Optometric Insights, a career coaching organization for optometry students and expert in private practice, commented that the future of optometry lies in specialization. “By specializing, optometrists can set themselves apart and open themselves to greater opportunities in patient care.”

Whether your specialty is contact lenses, pediatric eye care, glaucoma or vision therapy, or you have multiple sub-specialties within your Practice, you need to get the word out about it in order to really establish your reputation as an expert in that market.

Here are five ways to market your Practice specialties so that they will distinguish your Practice from the competition.

1) Big and bold on your Practice homepage: Your areas of specialty should be displayed loud and clear to anyone that lands on your homepage. Also include pronounced links to additional information about the topic either on or off site. One of EyeCarePro’s clients, Eye Services of Jackson, features Lasik on their homepage, have a look here:

2) Make it part of your Practice biography: Anytime you have an opportunity to write a description of your Practice whether it is on a social media site such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, an online business listing such as Yelp or Yahoo business pages or an ‘about our Practice’ section on a press release, include your specialties in the description.

3) Create a landing page for each specialty on your website: To really hone in on your experience and expertise, create a dedicated website page specifically about each of your specialties. For each area of expertise, you should have a page that is optimized for that particular topic by including key terms and links to any educational information you create about the topic to those pages. In addition to bringing attention to this area of expertise, you will rank better and improve visibility in the search engines for your specialties with pages dedicated to these topics. Here is a landing page which features City Optometry’s dry eye clinic: City-optometry/dry-eye-treatment .

4) Educate your patients and the community: Education will not only raise awareness of the availability and importance of your specialties but it will also establish you as the local expert. Reaching out to the community will build awareness and name recognition for your Practice. Write articles and press releases on the topic to post on your website, social media and in local news publications both on and off line. Seek out interview opportunities or when appropriate hold informational events in your office or throughout the community. Create information sheets to place in your waiting room and repost on Facebook. Visit schools or retirement homes. Create opportunities to get involved in the local community, specifically where it relates to health education.Eyecarepro Logo

5) Run an integrated marketing campaign. Every once in a while it is worthwhile to run an integrated marketing campaign to promote your specialty. This can involve a sale, event or even just an organized promotion of one of your services. Create a slogan and a poster with enough information to show your audience the importance of the service. Distribute in print and online via social media, email marketing and your website.

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