Google Traffic Can Speak Volumes About Your Online Strategy

Digital Marketing Tips by Daniel Rostenne

Do you track what percentage of your website traffic comes from Google? More importantly, have you ever considered what valuable insight you can glean from this data?

Daniel RostenneMany website owners don’t realize that the percentage of overall website traffic coming from Google can give you an instantaneous measure of what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong with your online marketing strategy.

The bottom line is that when it comes to Google Traffic, it is critical to strive for balance. Too much or too little traffic from this one source means that you need to adjust your strategy.

Let’s explain by way of an example. First let’s take a Practice that gets 100 visits to its’ site, only 10 of which are from Google. It is pretty obvious that the rankings for this Practice are terrible and that potential patients can’t find them via search engine – so they need to focus on some serious SEO improvements.

Now say that there is a Practice that gets 100 visits to its’ site, 90 of which are visitors from a Google search. Practices that have too high a percentage of Google traffic are not getting enough direct traffic (traffic driven to the website by a link such as in an email or by people who just type in the URL). This is also VERY BAD! Why? Because it means the Practice is failing to drive existing patients to the website. There is no outreach to patients with links to fill in forms or to schedule appointments, no marketing emails about new products, relevant services etc… In other words, the Practice is really missing out on effectively marketing to their existing patient base. (See digital tip #28 to understand why marketing to existing patients is so important).

So, what’s ideal in terms of the balance of traffic? After looking at traffic for about 1000 Practices, we found the Google Traffic ‘SweetSpot’ to be 40-60 percent of all traffic. This range shows the Practice is doing a balanced mix of marketing to existing patients and still getting a good amount of traffic from Google. Anything outside those bounds means too much Google Traffic (not enough marketing to existing patients) or too little Google Traffic (poor rankings).Eyecarepro Logo

Next Steps. . .
If you are a current ECP client and have filled in your Practice details in the PowerData section of your report, you will get Google Traffic data along with a plethora of other statistics that will help determine how successful your online marketing really is. The data will help you move forward to improve your online marketing and grow your Practice. See an example of PowerData here.

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