How to Get Your Patients Through Your (Website) Door

Digital Marketing Tips by Daniel Rostenne

Daniel RostenneAs we explained in our last digital tip 27, your website is open 24/7 representing your Practice to attract and engage patients on your behalf. In addition to driving new patients to your Practice, an equal priority of your website should be to service your existing patients by offering assistance, time-saving conveniences, information about services and products and your professional expertise by way of vision-related content. But if your existing patients are already happy with your services, how do you get them to your website?

The first step in creating an online Practice that works for you round-the-clock is to ensure that it offers value through patient forms and continually updated content. You need to create a reason for existing patients to visit and much of this is done through educational content and practice news items via blog updates, press releases, videos etc. Click here to access more information on how to create engaging content on your website.

Once your website has valuable things to offer, you need to incorporate a few best practices into your office procedures and marketing efforts to drive existing patients directly to your website on a more regular basis:

  • Add your website address to every online and printed mention of your Practice including business cards, mailings, forms and promotional flyers.
  • In general, encourage patients to book appointments, register and order contacts online and promote your educational content there. Talking about your website and all that it has to offer will help keep it in the minds of your patients when they do need something.
  • Include links in your email marketing. Whether you are sending out emails reminding patients about upcoming appointments, announcing a new staff member, a sale or a trunk show, include links to your website bold and clear. Link to the appointment scheduling form, your products page, contact lens order forms, or educational content.
  • When introducing new products through email, social media, postcards, flyers etc. include links to your products and information pages for further reference.
  • Include direct links to your site on all Facebook posts, blog articles, press releases or any other online marketing or media mentions.Eyecarepro Logo

Again, your website is an important part of your staff that provides constant customer service and expertise. Your patients like being able to save time and find answers to their questions when it is convenient for them and often they simply need some help remembering that your website is there for exactly this reason.

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