Why Do I Need to Attract Existing Patients to My Website?

Digital Marketing Tips by Daniel Rostenne

While a large part of online marketing is geared toward obtaining high rankings to get the attention of potential new patients, this is not the only audience you want to attract to your website. The truth is, if you are only getting traffic to your website from new patients, and none from existing ones, you are doing something terribly wrong.

Daniel RostenneYou can generally track existing patient traffic by looking at how much direct traffic the site receives. Direct traffic shows up in Google Analytics as ‘Direct’ traffic, and means that the visitor either typed in your address into their browser (and therefore knew it already, likely an existing patient), or they clicked on a link from an email as a result of your practice marketing (also usually a new patient – as those are the email addresses that you have).

This begs the question, “If I am doing a good job of interacting with existing patients in person and keeping up with them through Facebook, texts, phone calls, emails etc., why do I need them to go to my website? From an ROI perspective, why does an existing patient need to visit the Practice website?”

The answer is that without a focus on the audience of your current patients, you are missing a huge part of understanding why your Practice needs a website in the first place. Your Practice website is essentially another staff person that works for you 24/7, never taking any breaks or going on holidays, and is quite reliable at helping existing patients get the information they are looking for. This extra resource, your “online staff person” is available to assist your patients on their time, even when the office is closed and to help your Practice run more efficiently in the process.

Internet users these days would rather pull up a website and get the information they need at their convenience without having to pick up the phone. Your patients have good reason to visit your website and you want to ensure you are providing them with value and information they are seeking such as:

  • Directions & office hours – now with mobile GPS technology, this feature has become a major reason existing patients will visit your website.
  • Finding answers to medical questions and treatment recommendations – this is your opportunity to establish your Practice as the local expert in optometry. Your website can be an invaluable source of information and education for your patients and potential patients to turn to in times of need when you might not be available.
  • Completing patient forms before an office visit – giving patients the option to schedule appointments, fill in history forms ahead of time and order contacts for example saves your patients time and cuts down on wait time in the office. It also increases efficiency of your own staff and practice management.Eyecarepro Logo

Consumers like being able to find answers and save time when it is convenient for them and often your patients need some help remembering that your website is here for this reason, with all of this information available.

Without driving existing patients to your website, you are missing an opportunity to cut down on actual staff work and phone calls, to improve practice flow, and the chance to not only establish your Practice as the local expert but to keep the Practice more front of mind with existing patients (which brings more referrals!).

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